About Us

Welcome to Little Mad Fish in Dublin

Little Madfish caters to Japanese and American tastes with a wide variety of Japanese culinary selections prepared with attention to detail and texture. We are well known for our outstanding Sushi & Sashimi creations, and "Bento Boxes". At the Sushi bar you can watch our skillful sushi chefs display their artistic talents preparing the dishes of your choosing. Table side, Little Madfish offers many different Japanese appetizers. We also offer a variety of Salads, 72 different Rolls, a wide variety of Sushi and Sashimi specialties, 12 Japanese Noodle Soups (including 8 Ramen exquisites), Charbroiled Dishes, Japanese Curry Dishes, Bento Boxes, Party Platters, Deserts, Beverages (including Sake and Imported Beers), and an excellent children's menu.
Since opening our Dublin location, we have been committed to serving you the freshest quality fish available.

The clientele of Little Madfish people of every ethnic background who know and appreciate traditional Japanese cuisine. Whether you are just beginning to explore the world of Sushi and Sashimi or you are already a true connoisseur, we will provide you with one of the finest Japanese dining experiences available in the Tri-Valley area.